Holodomor Monument Commemorating The 50th Anniversary

One of the most heinous crimes in recent history is the Ukrainian famine and genocide, the result of a systematic totalitarian political scheme for killing millions of Ukrainians and even Ukrainian Mennonites in the early 1930s by starving an area once known as Europe’s breadbasket.The monument has an inscription in English, French, and Ukrainian which reminds us that we must be careful to see that these tragedies will not happen again and that these horrors should never be forgotten again.

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“The Holodomor – the Soviet Communist regime’s genocide against the Ukrainian people, in which millions of innocent people were murdered – was covered up and denied by Soviet authorities for decades,” stated Irene Mycak, Chair of the UCC National Holodomor Awareness Committee. “Please join this campaign to assist us in informing the world about this act of genocide. Through awareness and education, we ensure that such crimes are never repeated.”


On September 21, 2014, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Manitoba Provincial Council sponsored the Official Unveiling of the Holodomor Statue: “Bitter Memories of Childhood” on the grounds of the Manitoba Legislative Building. The statue is located near the monument to Taras Shevchenko. Dignitaries in attendance included the Lt. Gov. of Manitoba, Hon. Philip Lee, and the Premier Hon. Greg Selinger, Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak, UCC National President Paul Grod and the President of the Ukrainian World Congress Eugene Czolij.

The monument is an exact copy of the statue which is located at the entrance to the Holodomor Memorial Museum in Kyiv, Ukraine.