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The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) represents the Ukrainian Canadian community before the people and Government of Canada, promotes linkages with Ukraine, and identifies and addresses the needs of the Ukrainian community in Canada to ensure its continued development within Canada’s socio-cultural fabric.
The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) strives to be a proactive, national, united and self-sustaining body that provides a high standard of leadership in developing the destiny of Ukrainian Canadians.

The Board is supported by its member organizations and the community in its efforts to achieve the following goals and objectives:

  • To strengthen and co-ordinate the participation of Ukrainian Canadians in Canadian social and cultural life, based on democratic principles of justice, freedom and independence.
  • To promote the development of friendly and mutually beneficial relations between Canada and Ukraine.
  • To assist Ukraine in building an independent, united, and democratic state.
  • To plan and develop among Ukrainian Canadians sound community life in all its aspects.
  • To maintain, develop and enhance the Ukrainian culture and language as integral elements of the Canadian multicultural mosaic;
  • To carry on and assist in efforts for the improvement of the social, economic and cultural conditions of Ukrainian Canadians, and to cooperate with other agencies in rendering assistance to Ukrainian Canadian elderly, disadvantaged, youth, and Ukrainian immigrants, and refugees.
  • To promote the growth of a spirit of tolerance, understanding and goodwill between all segments of society within a multicultural Canada.

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UCC-MBC appreciates for all the support these organizations have been giving for all past years!