The Ukrainian Canadian Congress, originally named the Ukrainian Canadian Committee, was established in November 1940 on the initiative of the Federal Government of Canada and non-Communist Ukrainian organisations to organise a broad Ukrainian community into an umbrella-like framework for a united war effort during the Second World War and Postwar period. Although politically and religiously neutral UCC has played a vital role in advocating for their resettlement in this country on behalf of the 200,000 Ukrainian refugees trapped in Western Europe after the conflict with the federal government of Canada. Later the post-war shifts in the image of the population, including urbanisation and the movement towards higher education, inevitably contributed to cultural and lingual assimilation.

Nowadays UCC has been establishing multilevel leadership through its regional and municipal affiliates and have been instrumental in raising matters of interest to the broader community including unique interests of the young generation of Ukrainian Canadians at the correct policy level.

More details about UCC history is here.

UCC-MBC appreciates for all the support these organizations have been giving for all past years!