UCC MPC Board Executives

Joanne Lewandoski


Marijka Diakiw

1st Vice President

Dmytro Malyk

2nd Vice President

Lesia Szwaluk


Maryka Chabluk


Bulava Award- an annual celebration, nomination of individuals that made a profound impact in Ukrainian Community in Canada.

Ukraine-Kyiv Pavilion is one of the founders of Manitoba’s Folklorama Festival.Folklorama is the largest and longest-running multicultural festival of its kind in the world.

The committee finds, nominates organizations and individuals that made a significant impact in a Ukrainian community in Canada.

  1. Lesia Szwaluk
  2. Marusia Labay
  3. Bev Stefaniuk

The goal of the committee is to get a place in one of the city’s parks made just for Ukrainian Community events.

The committee cooperates with Provincial and Federal governments and other organizations to find grants for different projects in Ukrainian Community.

The committee spreads awareness about Holodomor,organizes different educational projects,works with Human Rights museum.

Immigration cooperates with MPNP and provides helps in adaptation for newcomers.

Chair: Serhiy Obraztsov

The committee organizes an annual Ukrainian film production.

The committee organizes special events.

The goal of the committee is to collect money in order to save the faculty Centre of Ukrainian Studies in U of M of closing.

The committee supports the UCC-MPC website providing regular updates on community projects and events.

  1. Walter Dlugosh
  2. Marijka Kulyk
  3. Kathy Dobriansky

Alpha Omega Alumnae(AO)

Dr.Mary Pankiw
The organisation helps to promote endeavours of people of Ukrainian heritage; to award scholarships annually to selected Manitoba students of Ukrainian heritage enrolling at an accredited university.

League of Ukrainian Canadian Women

Olena Garrity
The organization supports a strong Ukrainian community in Canada and promotes Ukraine's right to protect its national independence, security, and territorial integrity within the European family of nations.

Center for Ukrainian Canadian Studies

Dr. Orest Cap
The Centre (CUCS) exists to create, preserve and communicate knowledge relating to Ukrainian Canadianan through teaching research and outreach

Manitoba Parents for Ukrainian Education (MPUE)

Susan Zuk
MPUE is dedicated to promoting, enhancing and expanding the English-Ukrainian Bilingual Program (EUBP) in Manitoba,supports families by advocating for their needs to access to the English-Ukrainian Bilingual Program.

Chytalnia Prosvita - Ukrainian Canadian Reading Association

Geraldine Russin
The goal of the association is to promote and foster the Ukrainian culture (language, history, geography) through the education of ordinary people.

Myloserdia Humanitarian Association of Ukrainian Volunteers

Ruslan Zeleniuk
To date the organization, has helped families who have immigrated to Canada people in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Brazil, Argentina, children of Chernobyl, Orphans, disabled children and adults, veterans of the war for Freedom, poorest of the poor...

League Of Ukrainian Canadians(LUC)

Nadia Zeleniuk
The organization is not-for-profit community organizations, whose aims and goals are to help develop a strong and united Ukrainian Canadian community, as well as civil society and democracy in Ukraine.

Plast Ukrainian Youth Association of Canada

Dmytro Malyk
Plast is a Ukrainian youth organization for patriotic, inclusive self-development. The organization nurtures a love of the Ukrainian community and fosters a willingness to work for its wellbeing.

Ukrainian Catholic Brotherhood of Canada(UCBC)

Bill Romaniuk
The aim of the Brotherhood is centered on the Ukrainian Catholic faith, strengthening it by supporting, enriching and developing the religious and spiritual life of the parish.

Ukrainian-Canadian Institute Prosvita (CUIP)

Myroslava Pidhirna
Prosvita sustains strong faith and a deep national consciousness The spirit of Prosvita is recognized as the light that guided the Ukrainian community and made a profound impact on Winnipeg and Manitoba.

Ukrainian Canadian Social Services (UCSS)

The main purpose of the organization is to assist individuals and families of Ukrainian ethnocultural background through community-based social service programs.

Ukrainian Canadian Youth Association (CYMK)

Michelle Kowalchuk
CYMK-UOY exists to provide youth of the parishes with a social base and a sense of community where they can learn and practice their faith, learn and develop as community leaders,learn and practice the culture of the Ukrainian Orthodox community.

Ukrainian National Federation(UNF)

The organization helps to unite all Ukrainian Canadians, regardless of their political, religious or other beliefs; to promote good Canadian citizenship; to strengthen and expand the place of the Ukrainian community in Canadian society.

Ukrainian Professional & Business Club

To this day, the organization supports the veterans, nursing homes, summer camps, sports, culture and education, St. Andrew’s College in Slavic Studies and other projects that are essential for Ukrainian Canadian identity and leadership.

Ukrainian Self Reliance Association (TUS)

Dr. Roman Yereniuk
The organization promotes the development of cultural programs within local chapters of member organizations and provide a vehicle for the reporting and dissemination of these programs and content to others.

Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada (UWAC)

The Association works diligently to preserve, develop and nurture the Ukrainian cultural heritage and traditions as a distinctive contribution to the national culture of Canada.

Ukrainian Youth Association – CYM (UYA)

Marijka Diakiw
The organization encourages Ukrainian children and youth to discover their Ukrainian heritage by promoting Ukrainian language traditions and cultural activities. These activities all emphasize the development of Christian ethics, good character and leadership skills.

UCC-MBC appreciates for all the support these organizations have been giving for all past years!