Manitoba 150 Award

During the 150th Anniversary celebration of the Province of Manitoba’s entry into Confederation (2020-2021), The Ukrainian Canadian Congress-Manitoba Provincial Council (UCC-MPC), with financial assistance from the Province of Manitoba, will recognize 150 deserving individual recipients and 150 deserving organizations for their community leadership and volunteer contributions to the development and promotion of the Ukrainian Canadian community in Manitoba with a special commemorative award. Areas of endeavour may include (but not be limited to): education, religion, youth development, arts and culture, philanthropy, social service, and economic development of the Ukrainian community.

The attractive Manitoba 150 Award will be in the form of the Province of Manitoba with the recipient’s name etched on it. Awards will be presented at specially organized award ceremonies in Winnipeg and in several regions of the Province. A special plaque acknowledging the contributions of the Ukrainian community to the development of the Province of Manitoba will be located in the Manitoba Legislative Building.


  • All Manitobans – individuals, groups or organizations, that meet the criteria as stated below – are eligible to be nominated to receive the Manitoba 150 Award.
  • The Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Manitoba Provincial Council may bestow a Manitoba 150 Award, through means of special recognition, for an outstanding contribution to the Ukrainian community in Manitoba.
  • Nominations may be made of living individuals or posthumously.
  • Nominations are encouraged from all geographic parts of the Province.
  • While there will no doubt be countless worthy individuals and organizations nominated, only 150 individual and 150 organizational awards will be made. Each application will be weighed against established criteria.

What criteria must an individual candidate meet to be eligible for a Manitoba 150 Award?
Individual Nominees must be shown to have:

  • Dedicated volunteer efforts in the Ukrainian community sustained over a period of several years (minimum of 10 years);
  • Taken initiative to identify and meet a specific need in the community, organized and directed an activity that had a significant impact on the community, or
  • Demonstrated one or more significant accomplishments that have had a positive effect on the Ukrainian Canadian community at the local or regional level.

What criteria must an organization/institution/cultural group/church meet to be eligible for a Manitoba 150 Award?

  • Nominees can be current or past organizations, institutions, cultural groups or churches.
  • Brief historical information and any documented evidence of the institution’s activities or achievements is required. Should these not be readily available, written letters from two individuals attesting to such activities can be forwarded.
  • If an institution has ceased to exist, please provide information regarding its closure. Is there a building remaining? Are there archives? Where are the archives stored?



An individual nominated for a Manitoba 150 Award must be endorsed by two nominators or by an existing organization.


An organization, institution, cultural group or church, nominated for a Manitoba 150 Award must be endorsed by two individuals. For organizations to qualify as a nominator, the organization is required to provide:

  • two member signatories and
  • an excerpt of their organization minutes, approving the endorsement.

Deadline for Applications: April 30, 2020


By submitting a completed nomination form, with all the required documentation to

  • Email: info@uccmanitoba.ca
  • Mail: Ukrainian Canadian Congress-Manitoba Provincial Council, Box 3567 Redwood Postal Outlet, Winnipeg MB R2W 3R4


  • Upon the recommendation of the Manitoba 150 Adjudicators, the UCC-MPC Board of Directors will approve the Award recipients. Decisions of the Board are final.
  • All nominations remain confidential. Recipients will be announced at least three weeks prior to a special award ceremony or event.
  • Applications or any supplementary information provided will not be returned. Please do not send any originals of historical documents.

UCC-MPC 150 Recognition Program NOMINATION FORM