Maryka’s Music, Movement & Crafts

Participants will join teacher, singer, songwriter, Maryka Chabluk to learn songs, movements and crafts with Ukrainian vocabulary and imagination.

Designed for school age children. All are invited to enjoy the program.

Веселі пісні, українські слова, руханки, ручні роботи..

Program Schedule

March 10 – Beautiful Butterflies | Mетелик

  • With music, movement and crafts, we explore the magic of a butterfly in nature.
  • Download materials

March 17 – The Princess and the Prince

  • Ukrainian Folk story with songs, “Tsarivna, Tsarevych,” “Mnohaya Lita.”
  • Craft activity to make a crown, a sword and witch’s hat.
  • Download materials

March 24 – Borshch with a Capital “B” | Борщ з буквою Б

  • Healthy eating when cooking with Baba to make borshch and sing a great song.
  • Download materials

March 31 – Sing and Share – Співайте та Діліться

  • Please email photos of your crafts and colouring pages, or a photo of singing and dance participation in all the above programs. They will be featured in this final Sing and Share program. Please send photos to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress Manitoba Provincial Council email address info@uccmanitoba.ca

Thank you to the many families who submitted photos and videos for this final program. They are excellent!

Winners of the Maryka’s Treasures Activity Books and Musical recording are: Valentyna Dashevska, Joseph Setlack, Zlata Medynska, Emmy Lozynyc and Nazariy Drogalchuk