Holodomor: The Genocide That Never Found an End

Holodomor: The Genocide That Never Found an End

Centre for Ukrainian Canadian Studies invites everyone to attend the special screening of Holodomor: The Genocide That Never Found an End Spurred on by the incomplete reappraisal of the crimes of the Soviet Union in Western Europe, the Holodomor fell into the focus of this documentary. This famine of the 1930s robbed an estimated three […]

Ukrainian Family Movie Night

Hold the Date! Ukrainian Family Movie Night! Two new family fantasy adventure films from Ukraine are to be shown in Winnipeg on October 16, 2021! In Ukrainian with English subtitles Казка старого мельника – The Old Miller’s Fable @4:00PM and Пекельна Хоругва, або Різдво Козацьке – The Hellish banner, or Kozak Christmas @7:00PM Tickets are […]

COVID-19 Virtual Town Hall

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) Manitoba Provincial Council is hosting a virtual town hall meeting with healthcare professionals and community leaders who will present the facts and share accurate information about COVID-19 vaccines. It’s time to dispel the myths and get the necessary facts and information from health care professionals to help you make an […]

We Are Celebrating Independence Day of Ukraine

Date and location change! Due to the high risk of unfavourable weather, the event has been rescheduled.  Manitoba’s Ukrainian community is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence on August 28th at 2:00 PM! Location: St.Vital Park, Picnic Site #1  Manitoba’s Ukrainian community is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence on August 28th! Information on all our […]

Манітоба Святкує День Незалежності України

Увага! Зміна дати та місця святкування через високий ризик несприятливої погоди! Святування та усі події, заплановані на 24 серпня, переносяться на 28 серпня! Нове місце святкування: St Vital Park, Picnic Site #1 Дата та час: 28 серпня 2021, початок о 2:00 PM Цього року ми святкуємо 30-ту річницю Незалежності України та плануємо грандіозні святкування, що […]

April 16 Holodomor Remembrance Day in Schools LAUNCH EVENT

Friday, April 16 at 8:00 pm EDTWe invite educators to join usfor the first Holodomor Remembrance Day in Schools Featuring a special presentation about the importance of this day during April Genocide Remembrance, Condemnation and Prevention Month by Valentina Kuryliw, head of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress National Holodomor Education Committee, and author of Holodomor in […]


A SPECIAL FREE VIEWING OF THE FILMHOLODOMOR: VOICES OF SURVIVORSfor use in classroomsduring the month of April This year for the entire month of April, you are being given free access to view the award-winning film Holodomor: Voices of Survivors by acclaimed Director/Producer Ariadna Ochrymovych, a former National Film Board of Canada Director. This 30-minute […]

Shevchenko Commemoration 2021

Taras Shevchenko – the most prominent Ukrainian poet and a major figure of the Ukrainian national revival. Born a serf, Shevchenko was freed in 1838 while a student at the St. Petersburg Academy of Art. His first collection of poems, entitled Kobzar (1840; “The Bard”), expressed the historicism and the folkloristic interests of the Ukrainian Romantics, but […]

Exercises with Pan Ihor

In collaboration with Holy Family Home Adult Day Program, Recreation and Rehab departments, we present “Exercises with Pan Ihor” Join “Pan Ihor” and a guest exercise instructor as they take you through different chair exercise sessions to stimulate mental and physical well-being. From fall prevention focus to fun with pool noodles. Pan Ihor will have […]

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