Christmas Cheer Board

UCC-MPC Partners with Christmas Cheer Board to Provide Hampers to Ukrainian Newcomers
Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Manitoba Provincial Council (UCC-MPC) and the Christmas Cheer Board (CCB) is working together to support low-income Ukrainian newcomers families living below the poverty level by providing food hampers, as well as gifts for children 14 years old and under, during the holiday season. 

2022 UCC Low Income Hamper Application


Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) will provide your information to the Christmas Cheer Board, who will process your hamper application.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: 10:00 pm (Winnipeg Time) on Tuesday, December 6, 2022

IMPORTANT: All responses must be provided in English
ВАЖЛИВО: усі відповіді мають бути надані англійською мовою

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Information about being a sponsor

For Manitobans that are interested in helping out, UCC and the Christmas Cheer Board encourage them to sign up to sponsor a hamper through the Cheer Board’s Feed-A-Family Program, where they can specifically request to be matched with Ukrainian newcomer families.  Alternatively, donors may also contribute toys, food, financial resources, or their time, directly to the CCB. More information on ways to help are on the CCB’s website at  Tax receipts can be issued by the Christmas Cheer Board for cash donations ( .

“We are focused on working with the UCC-MPC to help these families in the best way possible,” said Christmas Cheer Board Executive Director Shawna Bell. “The Cheer Board grew out of the needs of families affected by the First World War, over a century ago. The current situation in Ukraine is heartbreaking, but allows the CCB to demonstrate we are steadfastly filling that need all these years later. We hope Manitobans will take up the call to sponsor a family through our Feed-A-Family program and provide comfort and compassion when it is need most.”

“This winter will likely be the coldest one that many Ukrainians have ever experienced,” said UCC-MPC CCB-liaison Mariana Sklepowich. “However, the UCC-MPC and the CCB are determined to bring warmth to Ukrainian newcomers. Through the work of these two organizations, as well as the incredible generosity of Manitobans, I know we’ll be able to do so.”

UCC-MPC President Joan Lewandowsky stated, “I can’t imagine what it must be like for families separated by war. I can imagine it even less during the holiday season, a time we spend with those we love most. That is why the UCC-MPC feels it is so important to partner on this program, to demonstrate that, while Ukrainian families will face one of their greatest challenges this year, they have the support of their newfound Manitoban families holding their hands.”

UCC-MBC appreciates for all the support these organizations have been giving for all past years!