Ukrainian Independence Day 2020

Dear Friends! Because of the Pandemic, our normal UCC-MPC Ukrainian Independence Day celebrations can not occur. In their place, UCC-MPC has come up with the following ways of celebrating and showing support for Ukraine.

Ukrainian Cultural Pop-up Entertainment performances!

August 23, at 2:00 PM in The Forks.
August 23 at 2:45 on the grounds of the Provincial Legislature.
You can come down and see these short 15 minute shows in-person or you can go to the UCC-MPC Facebook page and watch the performances online live.

UCC-MPC Virtual Celebration Concert!

UCC-MPC is offering a virtual concert, featuring some of the best-known Ukrainian cultural acts in the Province, including dance groups, singers, bands and choirs. You can watch this exciting show by going to the UCC-MPC YouTube Channel (Search for Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Manitoba Prov Council) and clicking on Ukrainian Independence Day – Virtual Celebrations starting at 12:00 AM Monday, August 24!

On August 24, the Ukrainian flag will be flying at City Hall and in front of the Manitoba Legislative Building. Wear your Ukrainian shirts and hats, and fly the flag this weekend. Celebrate with friends!

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Manitoba Provincial Council takes this opportunity to greet everyone on the Anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence, 24 August. In 29 years, Ukraine had made great strides in becoming a fully integrated European country. This took place in spite of six years of Russian aggression and military conflict. As Canadians of Ukrainian descent, we are proud of our heritage, of out contribution to Canada, and wish our ancestral homeland Ukraine all the best as it forges forward to peace and prosperity.

Конгрес Українців Канади – Провінція Манітоби використовує цю нагоду, щоб привітати всіх з Днем незалежності України – 24 серпня. Незважаючи на шість років російської агресії та військових конфліктів, за 29 років Україна досягла великих успіхів , щоб стати повністю інтегрованою європейською державою. Як канадці українського походження, ми пишаємось своєю спадщиною й свій внесок у Канаду, і бажаємо нашій батьківщині Україні всього найкращого!

Слава Україні!


  • Category: Celebration
  • Address: Winnipeg, MB
  • Start: August 24, 2020 9:00 am
  • End: August 24, 2020 4:00 pm

UCC-MBC appreciates for all the support these organizations have been giving for all past years!