The UCC-MPC Euromaidan Committee, using donations from the community, is proud to support the Ukraine War Amps Adopt a Soldier project. Community groups or individuals wishing to participate, can contact the UWA through the information noted below.

“Adopt a Soldier” provides monthly stipends of approximately $50 USD to as many Ukrainian heroes as it can. One hundred percent of the proceeds go towards Ukrainian veterans. “Adopt a Soldier” establishes a unique bridge between the donor and the amputee. The donor helps on a monthly basis and both parties are always connected!

Thanks to the financial aid coming from UCC Manitoba Provincial Council – КУК Манітоба with Lesia Szwaluk,Ostap SkrypnykYuriy HlukhDen VolkІванка Баб’якand many others Ukraine War Amps had an opportunity to deliver $600 to Hero Oleksandr Darmoros! This is Oleksandr’s January – December 2017 stipends. Oleksandr and his family thank to UCC MPC for the support as it will help for the blind amputee, who last his leg and sight defending our beloved Ukraine, to go through difficult times and get better treatment.
“Daddy, I just wanna you to see again”, telling their heartbreaking story Olena, the Hero’s wife recalling their small daughter’s words.

Please spread the word about Ukraine War Amps, its deeds, as well as share UWA’s page with your contacts, friends, and family!